Fine-View Dishes and Microplates from KYA Technologies
KYA Technologies has developed Fine-View Dishes and Micro Plates for demanding applications in cell culture. The Fine-View polymer based plates offer a perfect medium for cell growth and a high transparency for monitoring and measurement.

Very thin bottom made from a special polymer which is suitable for high magnification and
   real time imaging with upright and fluorescence microscopes
- Fine cell structural detail can be observed under high magnification
- Low fluorescence from bottom plate allowing very high contrast
- High transparency through the ultraviolet region resulting in increased brightness
Good attachment and expansion of the cell on the bottom plate
- The new Fine-View plates offer similar cell adhesion to that of conventional plastic
  culture plates
Comparison of transmission and autofluorescence on different bottom materials

For the cell types at right, better adherence and expansion were observed on the special polymer than on glass-bottom dishes. For primary nerve cell of hippocampus of fetus mouse, the clear images have been obtained using a Fine-View dish with a special polymer bottom while a glass bottom dish could not generate clear images.

The refractive index of the special polymer is 1.53 which is very similar to that of glass. Thickness of the special polymer bottom is 0.1mmm which is ideal for imaging.

A linear thermal expansion coefficient of the special polymer is 7x105, which will stabilize the performance of the Five-View plates and dishes even under the heating environment. The special polymer of the Fine-View plate and dish also shows excellent chemical resistance.

Fine-View Dishes and Micro Plates Product List

Cat #
Product Type
Material of bottom
Dimensions (mm)
Dish Φ12
Special polymer
50 pcs/box
Dish Φ27
Special polymer
50 pcs/box
Plate 24 wells
Special polymer
10 pcs/box
Plate 48 wells
Special polymer
10 pcs/box
Plate 96 wells
Special polymer
10 pcs/box
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We are no longer distributing any Fine-Veiew Dishes and Micro Plates!
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