Scivax 3D Cell Culture System from SCIVAX
InfiniteBio, Inc. introduces a new NanoCulture®Plate (NCP) system, developed by SCIVAX Corporation, that enables 3D cell growth without the use of 3D scaffolds or a gel-matrix.

3D cell culture products:

NanoCulture®Trial Plate Set
Spheroid Lysis Buffer
Spheroid Dispersion Solution
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Click here for technical information including:
- Images of spheroids on NCP
- Spheroid formation time lapse images
- Cell lines cultured on NCP
- Comparison of growth rate with other 3D cell culture systems
- Cells in spheroids on NCP are viable

Advantages of the NanoCulture®Plate

  • Uniform and reproducible spheroid formation
  • Spheroids are attached to the plate and medium change is possible
  • Easy handling using conventional 2D cell culture technique
  • The NCP system has great optical properties (comparable to glass) for high performance imaging
  • Spheroids on the NCP plate preserve differentiation characteristics
  • Animal-free product
  • Easy harvest of spheroids
  • Amenable for high throughput screening

  • Application

    The NCP system is ideal for 3D culturing of
  • Cancer cell lines
  • Primary tumors
  • Mesenchymal stem cells
  • Normal cells: adipocytes, osteoblast, hepatocytes

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