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New technologies are announced everyday but not all technologies see the light of commercialization. This is due to the fact that there are gaps between scientists and investors. Investors are not fully aware of scientific developments and how a new technology will enhance the industry, and scientists are not aware of how to address their technology in a way that is appealing for the investors. At InfiniteBio our role is to bridge this gap and be a business organizer.

InfiniteBio as a Business Organizer

  Challenges Solutions
Typical JP Biotech Comp. -Lack of International business skills
-Lack of global network
-InfiniteBio will help find partners in the world
-InfiniteBio will help with negotiations
N.A./EU Biotech Comp. -Lack of information about the JP market
-Negotiation with Japanese companies is difficult
-InfiniteBio will evaluate the needs and find the right partner in JP
Investors Outside JP -Lack of information about JP
-Difficulty in attending board meetings
InfiniteBio will provide information about upcoming ventures and investment opportunities

We will do assessment on your technology so that your company will understand the commercial value and potentiality of commercialization. Our services include and not limited to:

(1)  Business Consulting
(2)  Introduction to appropriate venture capital
(3)  Technology transfer
(4)  Industry - University and Government Relations
(5)  Creating a network with key people in the industry


InfiniteBio will understand your technology and business objective to develop a business development strategy
InfiniteBio will develop the strategy with your company by thinking and communicating extensively
InfiniteBio will introduce and create a network of key people from your industry
InfiniteBio will create a strong value added business strategy

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