Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer and Collaboration Development

In a fast pace industry like biotechnology, it is important to have strategic partnerships. In recent years, Japan has become one of the leading biotechnology centers with government supports. Also with the recent restructuring of Japanese National Universities, many laboratories and scientists are eager to create collaborative research, joint venture and business partnerships with North American companies. At InfiniteBio, we have extensive network with ventures, universities and laboratories in Japan and we can assist your companies for possible partnership and technology transfer.

Before contacting potential licensees and collaborators, InfiniteBio studies the client’s technology and its potential in the market and manages all aspects of the licensing process. InfiniteBio introduces the technology to target companies and institutions and measures interest, oversees meetings between the client and the potential licensees, helps negotiate key contract issues, and closely monitors the internal approval process at potential licensees. Once the Active phase of an engagement is over, we will continue to oversee the new relationship between the client and its licensee to ensure growth.

Featured Universities


Hamamatsu University School of Medicine


Shinshu University School of Medicine


Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Sakuma Lab

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