NanoCulture®Trial Plate Set (NCP-LSH96-2, NCP-LSH24-2)
NanoCulture®Trial Plate Set consists of:
  • Two NanoCulture®Plates:
    (microsquare and microhoneycomb patterns), 96 or 24 well format
  • See catalog for order information
    Please contact for more information

    If you would like to evaluate SCIVAX 3D cell culture system and determine which plate pattern is the best for your cell line we recommend purchasing NCP trial plate set.  Once evaluation is finished individual plates can be ordered.

    Optimization of 3D cell culture with NanoCulture®Trial Plate set

    Trial plate set allows you to optimize spheroid growth by combining two plate patterns. In the shown example the NCP-LH plate pattern and NCM-M medium are optimal for the given breast cancer cell line.  
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