NanoCulture®Plate (NCP)
NanoCulture®Plate, a core product of SCIVAX 3D cell culture system, has been developed by SCIVAX Corporation based on the cutting edge nanotechnology. Bottom of the plate is a thin film with a pattern that allows 3D cell culture growth

NanoCulture®Plate patterns:

Plates are available in 2 patterns: Microsquare and Microhoneycomb. Cell lines may have preference for a specific pattern. To evaluate which pattern is the best for your cell line SCIVAX have prepared NCP Trial Plate Set. We suggest that first time customers order a trial plate set for evaluation.  NanoCulture®Plates are available in 96 and 24 well formats.

NanoCulture®Plate types:

NCP-L plate is a standard and most widely used SCIVAX plate for spheroid growth. This plate is manufactured in both patterns NCP-LS and NCP-LH.

NCP-H plate is a special, high adhesive SCIVAX plate, developed for subset of cell lines that are difficult to culture on the NCP-L plate. Please inquire whether NCP-H plate is right for your cell line at NCP-H plate is also available in both patterns: NCP-HS and NCP-HH.

Advantages of the NanoCulture®Plate:

  • Uniform and reproducible spheroid formation
  • Spheroids are attached to the plate and medium change is possible
  • Easy handling using conventional 2D cell culture technique
  • The NCP system has great optical properties (comparable to glass) for high performance imaging
  • Spheroids on the NCP plate preserve differentiation characteristics
  • Animal-free product
  • Easy harvest of spheroids
  • Amenable for high throughput screening
  • See catalog for order information : Please contact for more information
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